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About Cleansing Waters Wellness Center - Libbe Colonic - West Los Angeles

About the therapist at Cleansing Waters Wellness Center


Valerie found her way to colon hydrotherapy because of her own personal health challenges. After experiencing so many dead ends and endless pharmaceutical treatments for cancer and an auto-immune disease, it became her passion to take her health into her own hands and pursue alternative forms of healing. Her journey led her to study holistic nutrition, meditation, ayurveda, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), kinesiology and colon hydrotherapy. She believes that disease begins in the gut and, in turn, healing begins in the gut. Valerie is I-ACT (International Association of Hydrotherapists) certified at the advanced level and a LIBBE certified colon hydrotherapist. She holds an M.A. in French Literature. She is also certified as a Nutritional Consultant, Vaginal Steam Facilitator and Plant-based food chef from the Food Future Institute.  She has completed the Healthy Lifestyle Program at the Living Foods Institute, the Living Foods Lifestyle Total Well-Being Program at Anne Wigmore's Natural Health Institute and the Plant Medicine Apprenticeship at the Gaia School of Healing. 


Valerie is currently studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor's College, has completed advanced courses on the Dutch Test, Thyroid labs and Blood Chemistry labs, is finishing up her studies in Peristeam Hydrotherapy and doing her second herbal apprenticeship.  In December 2019, she launched her own organic plant-based, small batch body care and candle company called Bellessa Botanicals. She has also gotten certified in Bio-electric Lymphatic Drainage, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Furthermore, she has extensive training in the GI Map screening, Stress and Hormone Panel and other functional medicine labs.


In addition to having a vast knowledge of detox and a living a healthy lifestyle, she also teaches pilates and Zumba in her free time. Valerie has completed an advanced pilates certification in Pilates for injuries and pathologies. She is passionate about health and hopes to help educate and inspire people to become responsible for their own emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

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